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The day will come when killing an animal is considered the same as killing a person ” Leonardo da Vinci

An extraordinary journey, not for the faint of heart or limb, but for those who value fine cuisine, great wines, historical sights, and gorgeous scenery, along with vigorous, sustained hill hiking.  A perfect trip for athletic types seeking to imbibe in Tuscany's fabulous food and wine, but don't want to go home 10 pounds overweight.The hiking cancels out all the calories and enables you to eat and drink heartily.  Luca is an expert on the region and  guides you on ancient Roman and Etruscan roads, through forests laden with the rare porcini mushrooms, and across the glorious grape-covered countryside...an experience your average tourist will never  have. Our 5-day hike from Florence to Siena was surely a trip to remember.
Laine and Ed (Florence to Siena Hike)

Kate, Leanne, Judy and I loved the time we spent in Italy, but the absolute highlight was the 7 days we spent exploring Tuscany with you. Your knowledge of nature, history and culture brought life to every step we took together on our hikes. It was a privilege to see a small part of Tuscany through your eyes. You were able to share and express your love of Tuscany with four people of different ages and interests and I promise that we will all be back to continue the adventure. As you kept on saying, the best is yet to come. It was all the best!
The MacLachlan’s (Chianti and Val d’Orcia

Luca, we want to thank you very much for making our time in Tuscany so wonderful.  It was even better than we had imagined it would be!  And that is mostly because of the experiences and the good company you
provided.  You are very lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world, and so are we. 
Tom and Julia (The trail of S.Francis in Casentino)
New Zealand

Thank you very much for a truly memorable and special time spent with you in Tuscany.  Your enthusiasm and love of nature made for a wonderful exploration of a truly unique place.
It is hard to try and isolate any particular instance that was more special that the rest; as our week as a whole was something that we will never forget. Our walk through the forest along the Etruscan trail and being invited to leave a token on your cairn is something we will always carry close to our hearts. The care you took to ensure that we enjoyed special attention and wonderful views at the hand-picked restaurants you chose to take us to made us feel like 'roses'.
You went to so much trouble to ensure that our every need was catered for; down to ensuring regular 'toilette' visits!
 We feel truly privileged to have been able to share part of your world in this way.
 Love from all of us and don’t forget: “It’s hard life to be a guide!”
 Ann, Tarryn, Hilary, Karen & Junette (Hilltowns of Tuscany)
South Africa

I've survived my first week back at work but my head is still in Tuscany! I bought a mousepad for my computer in Rome - it shows a map of Italy, so every morning when I get to work I click the mouse over Chianti just to remind me of a wonderful trip. I know I keep saying it, but it really was a dream come true for me! I had such a good time and I can't remember when I last laughed so much. I hope we weren't too noisy for you!
Luca, thanks for a wonderful 6 days. I enjoyed everything - but especially the peace of the forests and the churches. Such a simple thing, peace, and sometimes so difficult to find. I appreciate the time you took to show us so much and how well you looked after us - even finding watermelon on a hot day. Your kindness added so much to our trip.
Hilary (Tuscany Hilltowns)
South Africa

It was very hard coming back to real life after that magical honeymoon that we had.
Thanks again and hope to see you in the near future for another unforgettable experience in Tuscany.
Maya & Modi (Chianti hike)

You are so special and your hike was incredible. I loved the whole experience. You made it happen and I am so happy to have had this experience with you and the fearless women. We were a good group in many ways. I look forward to returning for the hike in the Alps. I also look forward to seing more of the historic sites. The trails you made were fantastic.I loved the challenge and the beauty.
Joanne (Florence to Siena Trek)

Dear Luca,
We wanted to let you know that the four and a half days we spent in Tuscany with you were without question the high point of our two weeks in Italy.  You took us for wonderful hikes (willingly making adjustments to our fitness level), and you showed us parts of Chianti we never could have discovered on our own.  You arranged tastings of wine, olive oil, and cheeses, showed us some of the beautiful art and architecture of the area, and provided cheerful and supportive company every minute that you was with us.  We wanted to let you know that we could not have asked for a better guide, and we will enthusiastically recommend Luca, "the Supertuscan"to our friends visiting Italy.  We thank you for a fantastic Tuscany experience.
Nancy and Bill (Chianti)

Hi Luca:
You are in our thoughts often, especially when we think back on our wonderful trip in October.  I would hop back on the plane tomorrow if I could!
I envy you being in the Chianti area, it must be incredible with the snow all around.  The sound of silence and nature – a perfect combination.
Donna and Bruce

(Medieval Tuscan Hilltowns)

Dear Luca,
It was such a fantastic trek. Every time I think about it I get a bit of the excitement back. I am planning a walk in Japan. It will be lovely but not as exciting as what we did in the Apuan Alps and Garfagnana.
Thanks again
Ciao Lorna (Garfagnana and Apuan Alps Trek)

Dear Luca,
thank you for helping to make our walking tour a very enjoyable, informative and memorable experience. It will be a highlight of our memories. You have been a wonderful companion.
Candrah, Steve and Neil (Medieval Tuscan Hilltowns)

Dear Luca,
These good-bye are always difficult. A pressed flower and some words is all I can offer as a gift for now. Thank you for the most beautiful journey.
Susanna and Nicola (Florence to Siena Trek)

What a wonderful trip! We wanted to say one last thank you…..thanks for the hikes, the stories, the lessons in Italian and all the fun!!
Ciao baby
The Pikes (Chianti Hike)

Ciao Loco Luca,
Thank you! We had a wonderful time with the trek…king! You are a great trekking guide, we’d love to climb some mountains in Maine with you, come to the U.S and trek with us!
Buona fortuna e arrivederci!!
Mark and Patti (Tuscany Hike)

Mille Grazie Luca!
We so much appreciate all your efforts and skill as a guide. Our holiday in Tuscany was truly wonderful. We certainly hope to see you again…this time in Chianti!
Bahram and Martha (Tuscan Hilltowns)




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