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You cannot walk down a path before you have become that pathGautama Buddha

The hiking tours are intended for experienced hikers, well-trained and very fit. The average daily walking time is 6 – 8 hours, with difficult slopes to climb and descend.



Dolomites Hike: The most spectacular mountains of Europe
6 nights - 7 days
Fitness level: 5
June to September

Have a break!
Enjoy yourself to explore your naturalistic soul through the lunar landscapes, the magic and the dramatic sceneries of the high granitic pinnacles which only the mountains of Dolomites are able to offer you.
The ingredients of an experience that will surprise the most genuine side of you is to be found in the serenity of charming Tyrolian villages together with the colours and smells explosions, primitive limestone’s walls rising vertically and forming impressive towers of rock, crystalline alpine lakes, the warm and sincere hospitality of the mountain family made by authentic local cuisine and magically served in isolated mountain refuges.
So…what are you waiting for?! It’s an unforgettable experience for a forgivable price!!



Valle d’Aosta: Western Alps, the Gran ParadisoNational Park
6 nights - 7 days
Fitness level: 5
June to October

If you wish to touch the spirit of the Alps, if you wish to feel the force of real mountains all around you, to revel in the spectacle of Nature and to walk beneath the sky, the Gran ParadisoNational park is the place for you.

At these high altitudes nature offers leaping deer and mountain goats, marmots playing hide-and-seek, crystal –clear streams tumbling down the valley, the scent of a thousand flowers, the flight of birds of prey cradled in the wind and dancing in the sky...... Perhaps it’s easier to say that this place is quite simply paradise!



Tuscany: Florence to Siena hike
5 nights - 6 days
Fitness level: 5
April to November

Try to imagine a pilgrimage from the magnificent Piazza della Signoria in Florence to the amazing Piazza del Campo in Siena.

A small strip of land, for centuries witness to bloody battles and fierce rivalry lies between these two cities.This land is Chianti, and we will cross it step by step from North to South.Not the Chianti of the postcards, not the Chianti identified with a robust wine made from French grapes, but the true Chianti. A Chianti to discover slowly, going down into the valleys and the climbing back to the ridges, touching upon ancient churches, castles, and renaissance villas as we go and then stopping where we can overlook the rooftops of a medieval village which survives clinging to the mountainside.

Chianti, whose people proudly preserve their roots and traditions of the pleasure of feeling themselves, even today, Chiantigiani doc!!



Tuscany:Unknown Tuscany; the SanFrancescoTrail
4 nights – 5 days
Fitness level 4
April to November

Tuscany is full of surprises.This is a journey into an unknown part of Tuscany, in the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi whose wanderings brought him to his spiritual retreat in the Casentino area.

Casentino is a land of harsh savage mountains, lonely hermitages, transparent sky and spiritual nature.

Our pilgrimage will take us from the Franciscan hermitage of Camaldoli to the hermitage of the Verna and will be a spiritual experience which will stay in your heart.



Tuscany: the Orecchiella Natural park,
the Appenines and Alps of Tuscany (Apuan Alps)
4 nights – 5 days
Fitness level. 4/5
From May to October

The Orecchiella park is situated in the north-west of the region and is a corner of the world where nature still reigns supreme.It is a stupendous part of Tuscany which stretches from the wonderful scenery of the Apuan Alps and the Garfagnana to the wide spaces of the Appenine watershed where it meets the land known as Emilia.

The excursions are long and arduous but the fatigue is recompensed as we walk through the silence and the wild places of the Park.



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