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Love is looking at the same mountains from different approaches”. Paulo Coelho

These treks are intended for excursionists who are extremely fit and who have considerable experience of mountains.
The walks are long and difficult, often extremely arduous with very steep slopes to climb and descend.
We will pack everything we need for the whole trek into out back-packs and we will sleep in mountain refuges.

Walking time each day will be 8 –10 hours.



Valle d’Aosta: High Route 1, the trek of the Giants
( Monte Rosa, Cervino, Monte Bianco)

8 nights - 9 days
Fitness level: 6
June to September

Two itineraries of authentic trekking on Europe’s highest peaks; they are considered to be the most awe-inspiring of the whole Alpine Range.

They are the high routes of the Valle d’Aosta, the pathway to the sky where men and women are at one with nature.

The two itineraries are usually walked separately but for the fittest and most courageous it is possible to unite the two walks into a single emotional and spectacular trekking experience.

High Route 1 is the Trek of the Giants ( Monte Rosa, Cervino, Grand Combin, Monte Bianco); it is the mountain route of high plateaux, glaciers and frozen lakes which look like droplets fallen from the sky into the emerald green pastures.

This is a trek for genuine mountain walkers.



Valle d’Aosta: High Route 2, the trek of the spirit
8 nights - 9 days
Fitness Level 6
June to September

High Route 2 is considered as a walk through nature in search of spirituality.The trek takes us through the wonders of Gran Paradiso and MountAvic, where we behold a natural spirituality similar to that of Tibet.

We walk along ancient tracks where we meet the angels of Gran paradiso.Who are they?The mountain people; shepherds, woodmen, and the charcoal burners who by their courage, sacrifice and ancient heritage of mountain knowledge and lore have conserved a magic and uncontaminated land to offer to all lovers of the mountains .

This trek is for those seeking intense emotions......at an altitude of 3000m!!



Tuscany:Wilderness Tuscany, Garfagnana and the Apuan Alps
9 nights - 10 days
Fitness level: 5/6
May to October

If you love the wild and you like walking where you can touch history and ancient mountain traditions in an unspoilt environment of high mountains.... this is the trek that you will enjoy.

This spectacular trek is considered by walkers and climbers to present some of the most varied and beautiful scenery in Europe and allows you in the space of 10 days, walking from refuge to refuge, to admire the dramatic range of the Apuan Alps and the extraordinary ridge of the Appenines which separates Garfagnana (Tuscany) from Emilia-Romagna.

In this part of Tuscany, hidden away from the tourists, it seems that time passes more slowly.It is steeped in the traditions of the peasants and mountain people and has succeeded in conserving its natural dimension.

To walk in Garfagnana is to reach out and touch the primordial roots of Tuscany and the Tuscan people.



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