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Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.W.B. Yeats

The walking tours are designed for all ages and fitness levels- from children to pensioners.The walks are not very difficult although it is necessary to be reasonably fit and used to exercise in order to enjoy the excursion without feeling fatigue.

Walking time: 3 – 4 hours per day.



Tuscany: Chianti, a perfect picture

5 nights - 6 days

Fitness level 2/3

Available all year round

Chianti, wherever your gaze rests, you find enchantment” Niccolò Macchiavelli said that of this land situated at the heart if Tuscany between the Florence of the Medici and the rebellious Siena.

It is here that culture has found the protective niche of nature, and nature has made itself comfortable in the embrace of history while men and women have slowly, ceaselessly modelled one of the world’s most beautiful and celebrated landscapes.

Chianti country has the capacity to make us marvel, to arouse emotions, to bring solace to our eyes.It’s the land of gentle profiles, of open spaces which look out to velvet hills and the geometric symmetry of olive groves and vines.

It is the land of a thousand years of tradition, of good food, of castles and renaissance villas; it’s the land which produces the world’s most famous wine, and it’s the land which for centuries has inspired artists and poets.Why shouldn’t it inspire you as well?



Tuscany: Val d’Orcia, Medieval Tuscan Hilltowns
6 nights – 7 days
Fitness Level:2
Available all year round

The first time you look around you, you feel small. There’s too much sky and the land seem never to end

These and other thoughts cross your mind as you walk through the wide spaces of the Val d’Orcia, an area South of Siena which conserves the essence, the harmony and the natural force of a timeless, primordial landscape.

The Chianti landscape has vanished; here it is completely different.As you cross the magnificent velvet waves of land, you experience an extraordinary change of colours, scents and sensations.

To walk in the light of this territory means to seek out mystic, lone cypress trees; simple, spiritual Romanesque chapels; glorious abbeys, ancient farmhouses and medieval villages steeped in the scent of wine and pecorino (sheep’s milk cheese). It means walking in a place where your emotions are free to fly.



Tuscany: On the trail of the Etruscans and the knights templar
6 nights - 7 days
Fitness level:2
Available all year round

This tour is a voyage into the intimacy of Tuscany, the medieval and Etruscan times, to discover unsolved mysteries, legends of knights and ancient crafts.

The traces of the past will lead us to visit miraculous and secluded abbeys (San Galgano) heroic and glorious cities (San Gimignano, Volterra , Chiusdino....) across airy green countryside where the call of medieval civilisation can still be heard.



Tuscany: the best of Chianti and the Hilltowns of Tuscany

6 nights - 7 days
Fitness level: 2 / 3
Available all year round


The sublime magnificence of Chianti and the Val d’Orcia; two landscapes, both symbols of Tuscany for you to enjoy, admire and compare.


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